Jeanelle will bring the “Heat” to the Canadian All Star Game

Jeanelle, who is in her third season with the Heat Dancer has been selected to represent the Miami Team at the  “NBA All Star Game” scheduled in Toronto from the 12th to the 14th of February.

The All-Star Dance Team is determined through a peer nomination and voting process. With over 600 girls across the nation currently holding a position on an NBA dance team roster, one dancer is selected from each of the teams, leaving just 30 spots for the best-of-the-best from each city.

The All Star Game is one of the most highly viewed sporting events of the year and will give a high level of popularity to the dancers that will performe in many activities such as in game routines, autograph signings and to be a back up dancer for recording artists.

University Student, born in Miami, she loves dancing and Asian Food; she describes Miami as a mix of beaches and nightlife.


Let’s meet Jeanelle in this video interview and photo gallery.


Can you introduce yourself, name and city where you born?

“My name is Jeanelle and I was born in Miami”.

What it means to you to be a Heat Dancer?

“It means the world to me, it gives me a great energy, and I don’t consider this as a job but as a lifestyle”.

From how many years are you part of the team?

“Since three years”.

What are you doing in life besides dancing?

“I’m studying at the International University of Florida; I’m planning to finish in two years”.

What are you hobbies?

“I love dancing and going to the beach with my friends every time I have a chance”.

Can you describe the emotion that you felt during the recent poster shootout at the Bahamas?

“It was an amazing experience; every times I have the chance to travel with my teammates, having dinner and sharing time together is wonderful “.

There’s a rivalry among the cheerleaders of the other NBA Teams? Do you watch video tapes of other dance teams?

“No there are no rivalries, when we get to meet among each other we always smile and we always try to maintain our own identity”.

Do you follow a particular diet in order to keep in shape and with energy?

“No I always try to eat heathy food avoiding sweets and junky food. At the end I heat healthy and I train in the free time every time I have an opportunity”.

Your favorite food?

“I love Asian food in particular sushi”.

Can you describe Miami and why it’s so special?

“I believe it’s a great mix between beaches and nightlife with so many spots in different neighborhoods”.






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